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Hi Jen, Your responses are always on point when it comes to Olicity so I just had a question about the new spoiler that's out about how Tommy and Moira died knowing Oliver was the arrow. Than a question was asked about Laurel dying now that she knows he's the arrow and Stephen answered the question. What do u make of his response?


lol…I just watched that. Good timing! 

Fan: ”So the question is that… Tommy died when he knew that you where the Arrow and then Moira too. So Laurel knows now. Will she die too?”

Stephen: ”Not everybody that knows dies. That’s always a huge consideration for Oliver. It’s one of the main reasons why he is somewhat stunted romantically. It’s one of the main reasons why when people find out he’s so…unhappy. Unless he tells them electively, which happens all the time. Proximity to The Arrow equals danger. So Laurel as a result of knowing of what she knows and as a result of things that happen in the earlier parts of this season finds herself in much more danger than she did in previous years.

Well, nothing makes me happier than when Captain Amell supports one of my theories. My theory is that Oliver is going to break up with Felicity and stay away from Felicity because of the potential danger. I think Felicity is really injured in the premiere, enough to scare Oliver, and so he’s going to shut down any relationship possibilities with her. Not because he doesn’t love her, but because he DOES love her. He won’t allow his love to endanger her.

Sigh. Let’s take a moment to swoon. 


Okay? Done? Now let’s take a moment to be pissed OFF because who is Oliver to make decisions for Felicity? 


See why that’s a great story line? You see both sides. Can’t wait. 

So everything Stephen says in the beginning of that statement is just confirmation of what I explained above.

But that’s not the interesting part. THIS was the interesting part:

and as a result of things that happen in the earlier parts of this season 

Obviously, Laurel knowing Oliver’s secret puts her in more danger. Also, she’ll be joining Team Arrow which logically results in higher exposure to danger. We all can pretty much guess that.


So Stephen’s statement wasn’t all that spoilery until he slipped in "things that happen in the earlier parts of the season.

Things…leads one to ask what things? Something happens to Laurel that increases her exposure to danger BESIDES just her knowledge of Oliver’s identity. Something is specifically going on with LAUREL that increases the danger in her life.

Black. Canary.

But Stephen makes the point that it’s earlier in the season. Well, Laurel isn’t going to come out of the gate as Black Canary this season. It’s a process.  So something happens to Laurel that triggers the Black Canary journey for S3. Things that happen…

Sara dies.

It’s always been my assumption/theory that Sara’s death will be the catalyst for Laurel to become Black Canary. It will be Laurel’s way of honoring Sara. Given Guggenheim’s description of Laurel’s identity crisis this season is Am I Laurel Lance or am I my sister? I think bolsters my theory.

And I think Stephen’s statement did too. But still…it’s just a theory.

But I’m gonna start saying Hail Mary’s for Sara.